John Bourke. Bourke Solicitors

JOHN BOURKE BCL, FCIR, Arb, Dip.Eur.Law., Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator, Notary Public

Things you may know: I qualified as a Solicitor in 1977 and set up the practice of Bourke Solicitors in 1980.

I learned many skills along the road including business management, communication skills, client care and knowledge of many areas of law. I am an accredited Mediator, a Chartered Arbitrator and a Notary Public.

I am a Chairman of a Charity, WALK. We recently completed the building of an Apartment block on behalf of Dublin City Council to house people with disabilities and people from the housing list. I also chair WALK Social Enterprise Centre, creating work opportunities for people with disabilities.

I climb mountains and cycle long distances for exercise. I play golf and am a Grandfather. My side interests are; being a qualified Business Coach, qualified in aspects of Behavioral Psychology and a mental skills coach. I use all my skills to help my clients to get good outcomes to their cases.