The reason that you make a Will is to make sure that your assets pass, on your death, to the people that you want to benefit. If you do not make a Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the Law. By way of example;

A man was single, with no children, no parents but with 6 siblings. He was very fond of 2 of his siblings and had fallen out with his other 4 siblings. He was unsure whether or not to make a Will. At his meeting in Bourke Solicitors, he discovered that without a Will his assets would be divided equally between his 6 siblings. If he made a Will his assets would be divided among 2 of his 6 siblings. He now understood the reason to make a Will and made a Will leaving his Estate to be divided equally between his 2 favourite siblings.

It is our experience that Clients worry about making Wills, worry about the future and worry that they will make the wrong decisions. Bourke Solicitors offers a service that focuses on taking your worries away and providing you with solutions that put your mind at rest. Our challenge is to make your Will making experience a good one.

Enduring Power of Attorney

The media is full of stories about the fact that memory loss is a growing problem in our society on account of the fact that we are all living longer. The problem with living longer is that it exposes us to the risk of losing our memory either through suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or some form of Dementia.

Those of you who have a family member who has suffered from memory loss will be aware of the enormous emotional challenge that you are faced with when your parent or some person close to you suffers with memory loss. There is something you can do to protect yourself or to protect your parent and that is for them to sign up to an Enduring Power of Attorney.

An EPA is a document by which you allow your spouse or children to take control of and manage your affairs, if your memory disappears.

The process is an emotional process for the Client and their family. You need a Legal Advisor who understands your situation and gives you the care and attention that you need, answers the questions and puts your mind at rest. Empathy is a key component of good service and we have it in spades.

A brother and sister called into our office in a panic one evening. Their mother was in hospital with a hip fracture having fallen out of bed. The hospital staff advised the family that their mother had early onset dementia and she was not a suitable candidate to return to her home. She would need Nursing Home Care for safety reasons. The brother and sister did not know what to do. We went to visit their Mother and arranged to put an Enduring Power of Attorney in place (she still had capacity) and subsequently she was moved to a Nursing Home, where she lived out her life peacefully and with dignity. Helping people in trouble is what Bourke Solicitors do well.